Usage & Description

A mid-level functionary and scribe in the Church of S'allumer. She is currently associated with copying old, crumbling records for preservation. She is handy for finding out old church lore, current theology, and if made friendly, she may be willing to do some minor healing. She is well-regarded for her work in the Scriptorum. She is devoted in her service to the church and the records she is trying to save.

She is a stout armadillo of middling height and frail health. She has a pair of old, brass-framed spectacles perched in front of her bright blue eyes, and the lenses frequently slide down her nose, leaving her to peer short-sightedly over them. Her lamellar is brown and mostly covered by her clerical robes. Hers are not particularly fine or particularly humble and have inkstains that someone has attempted to wash out.

She has few material goods and feels little need for them. The church provides for the majority of her needs.


Body D8 Mind D10 Speed D4 Will D12 Race D4 Cleric D10 Friar D6

Racial Gifts & Flaws: Claws, D6 Armor, Poor Vision

Other Gifts: Extra Trait, Belongings (glasses), Good Reputation: scribes at Cathedral Temoin (rare, moderate), Hospitality, Keen Ears

Other Flaws: Corpulent (2 stone), Duty (Serve Church/uncommon, strong), Failing Health, Gluttonous

Race Cleric Friar

Skills (favored use)

D8 Administration (church politics)
D4 Area Knowledge (Triskellian)
D4 Brawling (Claws)
D4 Digging
D4 Diplomacy (with clergy)
D4 Etiquette
D4 First Aid


D10 D6 Literacy: Calabrian
D4 Literacy: Magniloquentia (Church History)
D10 Meditation
D8 Observation
D6 D6


D8 Psychology
D4 Resolve
D10 D6 Theology
D4 Tracking

Other Notes

This is the NPC I used to start the Characters on the Cup Quest and its ensuing adventures. This is the beginning version for Cup Quest. She advances, in position and power, as the PCs do.