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The NPC Repository aims to be a crowdsourced archive of non-player characters for tabletop roleplaying games, categorized by system and genre.

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  • Content posted in the NPC Repository Wiki must adhere to Wikia's Terms of Use.
  • Content posted in the NPC Repository Wiki must be your own work and uncopyrighted, or posted by or with the express permission of the copyright holder. (In short—post your own stuff, not someone else's.) Content posted without permission or respect to copyright will be removed.
  • Do not include names with your NPCs. These vary widely from game to game, and make finding NPCs by role or description difficult.
  • Do include a few hints for use, role, and tactics if appropriate.
  • Categorize each NPC by both a system and at least one appropriate genre.
  • If posting a PDF or other export from a character-generation utility, be sure to include a wiki-text version of the character sheet as well.
  • Make your NPCs awesome.